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Chloe: Our Top Picks
Chloé has long been recognized for her iconic handbag designs. Seeing their newest designs on the arms of several celebrities and influencers is nothing new. We still recall the original cult bag, the Paddington, which debuted in 2005 and had a loose silhouette with a prominent padlock detail. Those same Paddingtons are still in high demand today, so it's hardly surprising that Chloé's more recent designs are becoming equally as popular. Here, we look at six of our favorites. What's even better is that we now have these pre-owned gems available, ready to become your new collection's best friend.

1. Chloe C.

The Chloe C is very sophisticated and modest. The collection is available in a stunning spectrum of colors, including a traditional neutral option as well as rich, deep chocolate and gentle blue tones. There is something ideal for every choice in the collection because it comes in a range of styles.

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The small Chloe C, which is adorable and structured, is our favorite because it's ideal for both day and nighttime wear. Despite its small size, this piece is surprisingly spacious, making it ideal for holding all of your things while also adding a touch of elegant beauty to your ensemble!

2. The Saddle Bag by Tess

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The Chloé Tess bag is the pinnacle of all we have come to know and love about saddlebags, which have become a necessary piece in any collection. There are a ton of colorways available in both small and large sizes for this style. We are in love with this gorgeous oxblood Tess, which goes so well with every autumnal ensemble you wear.

3. Bijou Drew

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The new Drew Bijou has a chain strap that looks like a bracelet and feminine quilting on the bag's body, giving it a look similar to a jewelry box. We adore how this exquisite pendant is carried so gracefully by the brass chain; it instantly transforms even a casual outfit into something really eye-catching.

The Drew Bijou is a gorgeous reinterpretation of a Chloe design we already know and love.

4. The Nile

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Everybody has seen purses with jewelry inspiration all over the market; high streets are even carrying them! This stunning style was first introduced by Chloe, who created the Nile purse with the recognizable gold circle handle bracelet. In 2017, the Nile bag became an overnight sensation, and there's little indication that its appeal will abate anytime soon.

5. The Drew

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The Drew's subtle curved design, gold-tone polished hardware, and chain embellishments continue to make it a street style favorite. The Drew is great for daily use and is available in a range of sizes. While the Drew is frequently seen in bold, clashing color schemes, we suggest something more subdued for occasions like the office or a shopping excursion, such as this multi-toned neutral option.

5. The Faye

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The vintage vibe of the 70s-inspired Fayre purse, which shares details with the Nile and Drew bags inspired by jewelry, is undeniable. Even though the Faye was initially unveiled in 2015, a lot of bloggers and celebrities are still sporting this beauty in 2020. Purchasing a Faye is worthwhile because it has unquestionably turned into a Chloe classic.