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1. The Hermès Constance bag's history

The Hermes Constance was designed in 1959 by Hermès' in-house designer Catherine Chaillet, who gave the bag its name in honor of her newborn daughter, who is rumored to have been born on the same day the first bag was finished. One of Hermes' most popular purses ever since is the Constance. Girls love the Constance because of its attractive shape and practical design, even though it was created more than 50 years ago.  

2. The Artisanship

The classic design of the Constance bag reflects Hermes' commitment to fine craftsmanship. A single Hermès artisan spends 14 to 18 hours crafting each bag, which attests to its high caliber and durability.

3. Hermès Constance's Construction

1) Because the Constance is made with visible outside seams, make sure the seams at the bottom corners of the bag are intact when examining it. Every seam that is visible usually reveals any building defects.The edges of the bag should be covered by the wax casing, but no extra wax should be visible.

2) The gussets are expertly designed to maintain endurance over time, allowing for a sleek, firm silhouette. With the exception of the 14cm Micro size, all of Constance's sizes offer the choice of a single or double gusset, which indicates that the interior has either a single compartment or two distinct compartments. 

Depending on how much internal room they need, the client can select the one that best meets their demands.

3) Take note of the looped strap, which you should be able to fold up for a small shoulder strap or modify to become a crossbody.

4. Hermès Constance's Materials and Leather

Hermès only employs the best, highest-quality skins for its bags when it comes to fabrics. The Constance purse is made of leather according to tradition. Classic Box Calf, Swift, and Epsom are smooth leathers; Epsom is a grained leather. Additionally available in seasonal styles are suede and canvas for those seeking something different. Naturally, the Constance is also available in exotic varieties like crocodile, lizard, and ostrich. Alligator and crocodile are well-liked substitutes for the traditional leather form.

5. Check Hermès Date Code/Serial Number

1) There are two locations for Hermes date code stamps: It was on the inside of the bag's right-side wall prior to 2015, and then on the back of the leather strap. The Constance bag's date code stamp is located next to the stitch in the upper corner of the inner side of the bag. All it takes is opening the bag to see it.

2) Every Hermès bag has a unique date stamp of manufacturing, which changes based on the year it was manufactured. It features a letter followed by a square, circle, or no shape at all. I've included a chart below with Hermès date stamps arranged by year for your reference. Along with the artisan's ID, the stamp will, if applicable, include an indication of exotic skins.  

There isn't a single geometric shape outside the engraving between 1945 and 1970.

The period from 1971 to 1996 was in a "○".

The period from 1997 to 2014 was a "□".

Hermès dated its products using letters arranged alphabetically and encircled by shapes until 2015. 

6. Hermès Stamp Brand Identifiers

Underneath the front flap of the Constance is the only distinguishable brand identifier; it says 'Hermès Paris / Made in France' in foil that has been heat-stamped and should match the color of the bag's hardware. 

2) The subtle and tidy typeface used for this logo is unaffected by the leather's texture. A warning sign appears if the writing is too large, is not foiled, or is mismatched with the hardware. Verify that the stamp is the right size because counterfeiters frequently make the mark extremely noticeable and huge to highlight the brand name.

7. Hermès Constance's Hardware 

The H closure of the Hermès Constance, which doubles as the brand's emblem, is both practical and striking. This metal won't tarnish over time and will feel robust.

2) There are several variations of the well-known H clasp, including the enamel clasp, gold-plated hardware, and the conventional palladium clasp. Additional versions include exotic skins with crocodile or lizard inserted in the clasp, and a leather inlay on the Cartable. 

3) The back of a real Constance clasp ought to have a thin plexi plate fastened with flathead screws. Additionally, "HERMES" should be subtly written in the corner of the horizontal bar beneath the clasp.

8. The Embroidery

Since Hermès artists hand-sew each Constance handbag using their renowned saddle-stitching technique, stitching is an excellent metric to take into account. There should be no crooked seams, erratic patterns, or careless threads that are visibly out of position or out of line on a genuine Hermes bag.

9. Hermès Constance's interior 

For an extra touch of luxury, the Constance bags should be lined with lambskin leather; however, before you do, make sure the stitching is tight and free of loose threads and the lining is free of fabric or faux-leather interior. Checking the color scheme on the Hermes website is another approach to make sure the lining or interior is authentic. 

10. The Fastener

1 The interior of the Constance contains a compartment featuring the recognizable diamond-shaped zipper pull. Hermes manufactures its own zippers bearing the brand name. The zipper pull of an authentic Hermès Constance bag should never hang vertically into the pocket; instead, it should always rest parallel to the teeth. 

2) The tab will be made of folded leather that has been carved into a diamond form and will match the bag's color and substance. 'Hermès' should also be written on it. Hermès switched from using the typical square zipper stop found in most basic zippers to an H-shaped one in the early 2000s.

11. The box, authenticity card, and dust bag

1. The color orange, sometimes referred to as Classic Orange, Orange H, or just Orange, is Hermes' signature color. This color should not be confused with Potiron, which has brown undertones and is darker. Hermes orange is No. 1448 in the Pantone matching system.

2) No such authenticity card is included with any Constance bags that Hermès sells. 

3) The dust bag's color will change based on the year. Older dust bags, for instance, are made of tan velour; more recent dust bags are made of orange cotton flannel; and dust bags made after 2007 are made of beige and light brown Herringbone Toile. The Hermes emblem is now dark brown and the hue is pale beige. In contrast, dust bags made of imitation Hermes typically have a grey tint and a burgundy mark. 

4) The dust bag has a high clean stitch count and is of the same excellent quality as the bag. The phony dust bag is far thinner, smoother, and limper than the real one, which is heavier and thicker.  

5) The actual dust bag emblem features a double circle around the exterior, and upon closer inspection, you will see that the H is written differently and that the circle that surrounds it is also different. The actual line beneath the horse and carriage has two lines underneath it, whereas the fake has just one line. You must focus on the genuine horse's emblem because it has more intricate elements.

6) The dust bag's drawstring, which ought to be composed entirely of cotton, is likewise brown. Please note that this only applies to brand-new bags because the dust bag in certain secondhand Hermès bags may have been misplaced.

12. Sizes of Hermes Constance Bags 

1) The Constance is available in various sizes. At the moment, four sizes are available for purchase: Micro (14 cm), Mini (18 cm), MM (24 cm), and Elan (25 cm). In comparison to the other three sizes, the Elan is marginally less square, longer, and narrower.

2) In addition to the usual sizes, there is the Constance Cartable, which is the largest size at 29 cm and has a short leather strap. Hermes has discontinued the Constance 23, 25, and 29. They might still be available on the secondhand market, though.