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Dior is blazing. Dior has been the "it" brand in high-end menswear since Kim Jones debuted his first collection with the label at the SS19 show. Other brand favorites are the Dior Oblique Sneaker, the redesigned Yoon Ahn jewelry collections, and the numerous partnerships with the hottest artists right now. The brand's redesigned Saddle bag is the product that has garnered the most attention.

One of Dior's trademarks is the saddle bag. At the 1999 Dior Woman Runway Show, John Galliano debuted the now-famous bag, which was worn by everyone. Like all the other #FashionBruhs, I was ecstatic to see that the males now have our own special rendition of this woman's classic. There are a few significant variations in the men's version despite sharing many of the same features. The strap detail comes first. Alyx's Matthew Williams collaborated on the rollercoaster-style buckle, which adds a distinctive touch to the men's version of the classic. The structure of the men's bag has also been altered. The men's version is simply a piece of leather in the shape of a saddle, with a few less structural bones than the classic design. I wanted to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of owning this beloved item, even though I was thrilled to find it at a great price.


The fact that this bag comes in so many various styles and colors is a good feature. I decided on a solid black outfit with silver hardware because I'm a little afraid of colors. Consider attempting an ombre, blue, or contrast stitch variation if you're feeling very daring! One aspect of the men's Dior Saddle that I believe is truly unique is the Alyx buckle. It lends the bag an air of masculinity and edge. Additionally, wearing this bag across your body just shouts "fashion," making you the talk of the town for anybody who appreciates design. One advantage of Kim Jones' saddle is that it's currently the "it" bag.


The structure of this bag is its worst drawback, if I had to choose. One of the main reasons that kept me from purchasing it when it first came out was this. The structure is weaker than the woman's version, as was already established. It took some getting used to the soft leather in this purse because I prefer my bags to have firmer edges and structure. The size is another drawback, as one could expect. Though the bag appears somewhat huge from the outside, its saddle form reduces the amount of fighting you'll do. I can fit my wallet, iPhone X, spectacles, AirPods, and wallet in the bag if I do a little Tetris. Usually, they are all I need for a day, but if you prefer to carry a little extra, I would consider the limited space while making your order. Let's finally discuss the cost. Dior knows, as we all do, that they are now the s***, and their pricing show it. Prepare yourself to spend at least $2,700 USD on a brand-new men's saddle bag.

Dior is Dior. It appears that consumers will swarm to buy whatever they release. When Mr. Kim Jones reintroduced the saddle bag in the SS19 Men's Collection, this is undoubtedly what transpired. The bag, in my opinion, is a fantastic item that you should add to your collection if you enjoy luxurious things. In light of the bag's affordability and usefulness, I would suggest searching for used models. The MSRP is mostly determined by "hype" and demand. Check out eBay verified sellers, StockX, or The RealReal. I obtained mine in this manner, and although I'm not using it to the fullest extent, I'm still delighted with it because it didn't cost an arm and a leg. That being said, it makes sense to spend the full retail price if you're searching for a more limited-edition version of the bag. The seasonal versions have some amazing features, hues, and motifs, and their $2,700 price tag seems a little more justified. Overall, I believe that Kim Jones has succeeded Maria Grazia Chiuri in elevating Dior Menswear by fusing traditional aspects of the iconic brand with contemporary accents to appeal to a younger clientele. I'll probably still be at the checkout counter, say what you want about the brand!